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Circa Cars has been created to reignite the passion and celebrate the heritage of cars that investigated the extremes of design. The creation of the Automobile a little over 100 years ago lead to a law that a man had to walk in front of the vehicle with a red flag to warn people of it's arrival. Over the years, Britain was at the forefront of individual design and innovative development that created World Championship winning drivers and cars. Cars were designed by men in sheds with passion and a spirit of adventure. Now the wheel has turned full circle. Cars are designed by computer and soon will not require a driver. The equivalent of the "red flag" has returned as we enter our Autonomous cars and join the line of driverless vehicles that will transport us from city to city.

Circa Cars are building a number of limited edition bespoke sports cars that capture the spirit of iconic classics, but using lightweight composite monocoques and more efficient petrol, electric or hydrogen fuel cell propulsion.

In addition to Road and Race versions, Circa have launched a Simulator version to be centre stage in the ultimate “ man cave “. Enthusiasts can now order their dream classic replica or concept car, but safeguard the future of our planet by competing on tracks such as Le Mans or the Targa Florio in a virtual world, where not a drop of fuel is burnt.

“One day or Day One, You Decide”.

"Circa Cars, proudly built in the Scottish borders"

The Circa Cars From Andromeda - Zero Strategy

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